Core Linerless Solutions®
Revolution of the label industry

A new system developed by Ritrama in collaboration with labelling equipment supplier ILTI, aiming to revolutionize the use of linerless technology.

Core Linerless Solutions® is a giant step towards the most flexible and innovative labelling system. It is the real first working, competitive, efficient, environmentally sound and turnkey Linerless system.



The well know sustainability benefits of a standard linerless technology are widely improved with the Core Linerless Solutions®:

Thinner labels than any contemporary PSA laminate, more labels per roll.
There is no matrix or liner waste to dispose of.
Reduced environmental footprint impact.
Lower overall transport and logistics costs.


Core Linerless Solutions® allows converters to increase the efficiency of the press set-up and printing process, so to achieve considerable material cost and time savings.

• The traditional supply chain remains unchanged;
No change in the use of current printing machines and inks available in the market;
No inline die-cutting required, so the press can be run roll-to-roll at full speed;
No need to overvarnish or overlaminate (=saving), since the print is encapsulated;
Double the number of labels produced on a roll compared to a standard PSA;
No matrix waste.
• Much improved efficiency, at least 50% less press time.

Need to test Core Linerless?

“Core Linerless is an evolution of Pressure sensitive technology and not a replacement.”

Tomas Rink

President Ritrama SpA

“Core Linerless Solutions means less material, less changeover, less cost, less environment impact, no waste. In the end…much and much more.”

Tarcisio Scapinelli


Technical info
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