Linerless breakthrough from Ritrama


Linerless breakthrough from Ritrama

A new system developed by Ritrama in collaboration with the labeling equipment supplier Ilti aims to revolutionize the use of linerless technology.


The Core Linerless Solutions system is targeted at high volume global end users in the home, personal care and beverage industries. ‘We see Core Linerless as being an evolution of pressure sensitive technology and not a replacement,’ said Tomas Rink, president of Ritrama. ‘The supply chain for us is exactly the same in terms of efficient wide web silicone and adhesive coating and laminating liners and face films.’


Label converters simply print a laminate, without die cutting, at full press speed, and this is converted into a single ply linerless label on a machine specially.


The linerless applicator built by Ilti allows easy changeover between PSA and linerless modules: a trolley-based plug and play unit can be exchanged in under a minute.


In trials to date, line speeds up to 450 bottles/minute have been achieved, although Ilti says double that speed should be possible. Multiple label types can be applied on the same container.

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